Every Sound Tells a Story

Life is meant to be heard, not hushed. With properly selected, fitted, and programmed digital hearing aids, you’ll be part of the story. When you hear better, you’ll be able to live better.


  • Advanced digital technology

  • Custom-fitted for comfort

  • Expert programming

  • Fully maintained

“I came to the Hearing Center of Broward in Fort Lauderdale on the recommendation of a friend. After many years of wearing several hearing aids, I was properly fit with hearing aids that truly meet my needs.”

– Frances S.

Starting Your Next Chapter


We Know Florida

Our team was instrumental in developing Florida’s licensing laws for consumer protection around hearing aid dispensing.

hearing aid specialist are hearing center of broward and plam

We work with you

Once we know what we are dealing with, we collaborate with you to determine the best hearing aids for you.

hearing aid fitting

Getting you comfortable

Your hearing aids will fit comfortably for all-day wear, and you’ll be more comfortable in a variety of listening situations.

“You will not find a better team to take care of your hearing needs. I found the testing and analysis prior to choosing the right hearing aid wonderful, and even was allowed a mini shoot-out of two brands to help me select the right one for me.”

– Judy L.

There’s no reason to wait – we’ll start with a hearing evaluation.

Smartphone Ready Hearing Aids

Smartphone-ready hearing aids

Advanced hearing aid technology works with your iPhone or Android phone – if you have older hearing aids, it may be time for an upgrade. Ask us about the latest connected hearing aids.

Your ears... Only better

As we age, our tendency is to accept things as they change. Hearing loss does not have to be one of those things. We have the experience and technology to diagnose your hearing challenges and solve them, once and for all. With 6 locations in Broward and Palm Beach counties, we are here to help full- time residents and winter visitors.

hearing center of broward and palm beach team

“Dr. Heise and her team have been great to work with over the past 5 years. They really took the time to assess my needs as someone who is profoundly deaf.”

– C.H.

Hearing aids are only a call away.

For hearing aids in Fort Lauderdale, FL call us at Hearing Center of Broward & Palm Beach.

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